The ASMS Wiki, or simply the Wiki, is a semi-autonomous entity that is wanted in nine out of Australia's sixteen states and territories (yes Oz has sixteen states and territories, bet you can't name them). The exact nature of the ASMS Wiki is has yet to be confirmed however it is believed to be an editable site that acts as the compendium of the rich culture of the ASMS. Also dick jokes.

Like The Doctor it has the ability to regenerate and has had multiple incarnations over the years (some have hypothesize the similarities run even deeper and that the wiki is also, in fact, a "centuries-old alien who travels through space and time").

It is rumoured that there are still ASMSnauts who have walked the earth long enough to remember original ASMS Wiki and even participated in its birth. If said being were to exist then such prolonged exposure to the ASMS Wiki during it's early stages would have imparted profound wisdom on these creatures and also caused them to experience time in a different manner to others.

The purpose of the ASMS Wiki, it has been claimed by some guy, is to, Science willing, "continue re-educating noobs and getting peps in trouble for laughing in class". It will hopefully carry on this noble goal for many millennia to come.


The Wiki has a long and proud history that has stretched many generations of ASMSians. Over its lifetime it has existed in different manifestations. The ones that are known about are as follows:

Version One

The exact founding year of the wiki is unknown but it is believed to be not long after the dawn of the ASMS institution itself[citation needed]. No evidence of its existence remains but legend tells us it was pretty sweet. It was eventually shutdown for offence content or being too badass, one of the two.

Version Two

After some time, tales of valour and lolz from original ASMS wiki reached the ears of what was to become the compatriots of the next incarnation of the Wiki and the ASMS Wiki was restarted a new. It was originally hosted on this very site,, before it was relocated to a rando web host before being moved to it's final resting place, a VPS run by some dude. It still lives there today, in read-only mode as archive and can be found at At the time of death it had received nearly half a million views (no kidding)[legit source to come... probably].

Version Three

Many considered the Wiki finished for good, but they had another thing coming for the Wiki was merely biding its time. Luke Heritage, impelled by the power of the Wiki, preformed some pretty dank magic (too dank to be mentioned here but I will say that it involved chicken sandwich, an electric sander and excessive amounts of qualitative easing), and resurrected the Wiki from an old revision when it was in its wikia stage. Thus commenced a new chapter in the life of the Wiki.


The lifespan of the ASMS Wiki is unknown as nothing like it has ever been observed in nature before. However it is know that its continued existence depends on the regular input of lolz. During periods of famine the Wiki has entered a comatose state. Several possible final demises have been postulated for if the Wiki is not, in fact, immortal. It may have a maximum number of regenerations after which further are impossible. Alternatively it may enter and simply never leave the aforementioned comatose state due to being forgotten (Science forbid). As it rests, its remains gently decay, irrevocably melted away into the soup of bits that make up The Cloud. Please, don't let this happen faithful reader. By editing an article or adding a new one you, yes you... Peter, contribute to its survival. Consider giving some lolz today, remember lolz are tax deductible (nb: lolz are not actually tax deductible).

Long live the Wiki!