A ban is an action and punishment enforced by he or she who has power over the recipiant. It forbids the use of an account or action. Bans are dished out using the Banhammer to those who have sinned. There are two major kinds of bans, personal bans and dictatorship bans.

Personal Bans

A personal ban is an attack on one's person, it strips them of their freedom, their identity and their rights to the cookies. Basically, getting banned is bad. 

Thus far, no one has recieved a ban... Yet.

Bans of Dictatorship

Bans of Dictatorship are no-one's fault in particular, but come into play when the local Dictator is "in the house existance". They are focused on the prevention of stupid, dangerous, or mathematically interesting actions, such as flamethrower battles and use of Tau.

The official list of banned actions are held in a book of wonder called "Things Katie has Forbidden". On the front, her insignia of crossed banhammers appears, alongside a quote from the most glorious leader herself. The book is held by a mysterious person, fabled to also be the creator of the most wonderous program in existance.

This book's contents to date, and not accounting for sudden changes of the most gracious and magnaminous leader's mind, are as follows:

1) Dousing the school in flame retardant and having a flamethrower fight

- Even with the flame retardant, especially without

- On our own property does not matter

- So long as nobody is hurt

2) Forcing invacuation and using pressureised release system to spread horrible things to cause maxiumum human carnage

3) Being an internet pirate

- Even for science

4) Vandalizing her wiki page

- Luke's is okay to, though

5) Vandalizing cars

- Especially the queen's

6) Forbidding mathematics

7) Luke being late

- Not people in general, just Luke

- Luke is forgiven for being late if there is at least one witness that confirms there is a good reason for his tardiness

8) Tau

- Just the number, not the race or the Greek letter for other uses

- Even the Tau song

- Only if Katie involved

9) Rebellion

- Even mutiny

- Only against Katie and Katie approved products

10) Graffiti in school

- Or otherwise without permission

- Even hashtagging

11) Forbidden things parties

- Parties where you do forbidden things, parties spreading the forbidding word are encouraged

12) Playing music aloud on public transport

- Headphones are okay

13) Autoplaying Shape God on the wiki without warning or precautions

14) Being careless while drinking Coke

15) Paint wars

- Not paintballs, at least in venue or private property with permission

16) Leaning backwards on one's chair so that one's head is almost or is touching the back of the chair

17) Stationary theft

- Borrowing is okay so long as returned