The much feared Banhammer

The hammer bestowed upon non-Noobs (aka the admins)

One touch of the hammer and you will find your ass out of here faster than you can "WTF?". Can't explain that. Never a miscommunication.

Banhammers are fearsome weapons wielded by the Admins, a race of genetically enhanced people who have been created to serve and to protect online communities from the evil that fills the internet. The Banhammers are mighty weapons, and must be used carefully, as whoever holds one of these weapons have power over the accounts of all others. Also known as the Faggot Banisher, the ATYO[1] Destroyer, and the Retard Bane.

A powerful weapon wielded by Administrators and Moderators alike. It has unparalleled power to ban retards, trolls, hackers (1337 h4x0rz)(note: the correct term is cracker not hacker), and the high-pitched ATYO from chat rooms and games. It is also included in some games as an equippable item with the disputed ability to hit. Beware the hammer.

It also apparently appears in Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, wielded by the character Ramona Flowers.

Bad ass banhammer.

  1. annoying twelve-year old