Ben "Mr. Mattsson" Mattsson is a new Teacher at ASMS in 2015, after performing his great metamorphasis, ascending from his past life at Seaview High School to join the ranks of the higher beings down in Bedford, and bask amongst the scientific Gods. Ben quickly became the most favourable teacher to be taught English by.

Past life

After graduating from his caterpillar studies and cementing himself in the Seaview High School Chrysalis, Ben metamorphasised into the beauiful ASMS butterfly that we know and love today. 


- Some say that Ben is a vegetarian; this is false however; as butterflies are the most vicious of carnivores. 

- Some say that Ben is smart enough to never have spoken to LeDoc, as he wishes to continue existing, and fears that LeDoc will somehow find a flaw in him, and he will cease to exist. This is an irrational fear, as Ben is in fact perfect.