Chocolate is a common source of energy for the inhabitants of the ASMS. It provides energy for all beings that roam within the blessed walls of the ASMS from the lowly derps and noobs to greater beings like Cat Girls (when Sonja finds time between nomming others) and Anna "The Rapist"

There are many variations of the magical food item that is chocolate, the most commonly found form within the ASMS is a chocolate frog. This was discovered by J.K Rowling and worked into Harry Potter, whom, due to being a first year and therefore a noob, let one escape before even getting to Hogwarts (a.k.a ASMS)

The most popular chocolate vendor is Simon Lee, there have been multiple attempts to usurp his position as chocolate supplier to the ASMS, but all mysteriously vanished shorly after the start of their business. This is most likely because of the mysterious power of Simons Hair, which has mystical properties, "taking care of the competition". It is believed that the Devil's Snare in Harry Potter was actually Simon taking a nap in the dungean after going for a prolonged period of time without a haircut and hair plaiting by various ASMSians of the female variety.

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