Did you mean Luke, A.K.A. HugstheMarshmalo? No? Of course you didn't. No one ever does.

A Hug is a warm embrace of organic flesh upon another thing; usually human, though can be an animal or inanimate object. It is often used as a greeting, farewell or celebratory gesture. A Hug is usually initiated with vocal or gestural consent, then once both parties agree, involved both parties coming close and wrapping its arms around the other's chest to stomach region; these are not hard rules however, and the etiquette centered around the warm embrace is a convoluted mess, and a sometimes complex ritual: a way to convey status, mutual affiliation or just plain love.

The Pact of the Warm Embracement

The Pact of the Warm Embracement is an agreement that is held to all ASMSians, that contains but may not be limited to the following rules.

As with any act that can be interpreted as a loving act, the first time that two people hug must be consentual. Once trust has built between two individuals, hugs may be initiated without warning, in a state of trust known as 'hug rights'. Hug rights are not often verbally established, but instead are unwritten and unspoken. Hug Since in females, rights can be revoked if one or more parties become uncomfortable with the other, this does not need to be stated, as if hug rights were established in the first place, a certain level of understanding should have built between parties to know when contact is and is not appreciated. Though most people enjoy hugs, there are a few dubbed the "Way of Walrus" of just "Walrus" that it is never okay to formulate loving contact with, under the first act of the Way of Walrus, that dispermits any kind of soft physical contact. Jarod is a walrus.

If you are in a platonic relationship with another person, it is generally agreed upon that there are a few recommended methods of performing a hug to avoid awkwardness. If it is two males engaging in the hug, as a rule of thumb you should put your right arm over and left arm under the arms of the opposition. However, this is overruled by the rule of height difference; regardless of gender, if one participant is more than 15 centimeters taller than opposer, they have both of their arms above those of they who oppose them. Since in females homophobia is less common, women of similar height may be free to establish their own arm arrangement.