Jared, being the buffoon he is forgot where the camera lens was

Jared McDougall labelled the Impulsive Buffoon by the village idiot, is one of the greatest poon slayers as mentioned in the Front Avenue Men (FAM) page. Jared is not only a poon slayer but an oaf who cannot do basic things that a 7 year old could do with ease, along to go with his different personality, he is also has the biggest mood swings and impulses than any other male this leads Abbey Caldow to easily manipulate him into doing what she whats him to do, but other students find this amusing this is mostly with the FAM group as he is a major component for the group to function, because without Jared they would find out how incompatible they are, but Jared does have some skills when it goes to sports such as soccer and football, and because of his personality combination he is very easily able to make new friends.


Jared believes he is married to Michael Fotiou but instead he married a potato while going through his delusional states

Jared is one of the most physically fit members of the school, rivaling Michael Fotiou