The Great Jazz Rescue was a notable event in ASMS history, involving the coming of age of Jazz. 

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The Aftermath of the Great Rescue.

It is perhaps worth noting that Jazz refers not to the genre, but of Lewis Lane. The celebrate the coming of age, a great feast was held at a park in the middle of nowhere. Many ASMSians were invited to the great feast, but Lewis could not contain her greed, and decided to break the barriers between worlds: She invited members from other schools as well. These unlawful guests were tolerated, until they began causing trouble. Everyone at the ASMS knows that Sports equipment in the physical embodiment of sin. The unwanted, hereby referred to as "They" were performing their disgusting sports rituals, when one of their ritual materials became lodged in a tree, it was up to the heroes of the ASMS to take the reigns in their disgusting "Physical Activity". Lil Ju Boi and Seb performed some fully heckaz co-op parkour to scramble into the tree and scare the crap out of the Little Jew. Somehow, like that pig thing from Winneh The Pooh, the Lil' guy built up the courage to free the ritual from the branches of the great tree... But as he was performing the legendary rescue, they manage to get even more of their horrific ritual materials stuck up the tree. The Jew was just done. His heroic antics were running dry, down he came and started to cry. There was also a lot of really funny jokes told, many fun games played and politicians insulted, but the most important part of the story is never trust outsiders and their sporty rituals.

Attendants at the great rescue include:

Lil' Ju Boi



Cool Kid

Love Dumpling

That Nerd



there were also them but they will be spoken of no longer.

Them=Ruby, Isla, Mango, Maggie, Polly