Well, it turns out Luke has never watched Adventure Time. This is a tragedy. What is life? Is God real? I just don't think I can believe anymore. This.. This....
This is UNACCEPTABAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!! If you are a brave individual, perhaps you would solve this glaring issue.

Luke/Liam Heritage, Labelled the strange extrovert by the village idiot, also lesser known as Lil' Ju Boi, and even lesser as Ross is one of the more queer memebers of the ASMSians. He was a Noob to the ASMS in the early stages of 2015, but quickly transcended his own being; becoming the first official ASMSnaut because of his contributions to getting traffic and somewhat regular users on the wiki, through use of topical jokes, memes and propaganda. As Luke is now the dominant being on the wiki, he has power over you and everything you do here. In fact, he is watching you right now. There is no escape from his judgmental glare. Luke is erratic, unpredictable and sometimes confusingly normal. The true nature of Luke's power is unknown, but it seems to be linked to his occasional bearing of a trilby, often mislabeled as a Fedora. On the Wiki, Luke is known as [1]HugstheMarshmalo.

Time before ASMS

Contrary to popular belief, the beginning of Year 10 is not the earliest point in a student's life. Luke was so stupid, that he had he had to attend 11 years of practice school before being deemed a Year 10 and thus could begin his Noobhood. Luke attended Seaview High School for peasants and the elderly before coming to the far superior School in Bedford Park. He was known for his ninja-like agility, sooper cool Parkour skills and being inappropriately loud when telling really offensive jokes. During his Ware-Wolf cycle in preparation for coming to ASMS, he grew a neck beard, became engrossed in trench coat culture and looked up the latest PC specs in order to become one with the GLORIOUS PC GAMER MASTER RACE. His attempts failed however, all that happened was that he became progressively less funny, gave up on parkour and became slightly more memey.

Dark Souls

The entirety of Liam's life can be summed up in the following statement: "Pain good; other people's pain better." Luke enjoys the 2011 game Dark Souls overly much. The game is known as being hard and a donkey's rock hard skull, but he conquered it long ago and hasn't put it down since. He enjoys harassing n00bs with the in game abuse system, and is enamored in the community meme culture. Simply stand in his vicinity and state the phrase "So I stabbed the guy, and took his humanity" or "what are you, Casual?" to receive free hugs, 100% of the time. Base Cannon best Cannon, and Praise the Sun!


Luke joined the ASMS and quickly became acquainted with meme lord Tara Lamont and avid Shit-poster Annie Ahmer to form Kappa Klub, the best group in the whole universe. They laughed every lesson, rocked every project and disappointed every Chris; but all good things must come to an end, as in the unspeakable cataclysm, Kappa Klub was undone.

Luke was hailed as a hero at Jasmine's Birthday, as he and Seb were able to pull of a tactical rescue mission to save 2 balls and a long hard stick from a massive tree, falling from which would have likely caused death. Somehow, Luke survived. It appears the plans that day did not go as expected...

I'll get you, Lil' Ju Boi.