Oh dear, friends. There's trouble over Yonder. We're being shut down. Fear not, for we will not cease to exist... But we're moving away from ASMS WIKI. Here's the problem... We don't own the phrase ASMS nor its Logo. We haven't been given authorization to use any of the property of ASMS, and thus when asked to move the ASMS wiki to some place non-ASMS affiliated, we had no choice but to accept. If anyone from the outside were to find this place and think it an official source of information (Human stupidity is infinite) then they might be scared by the fact that our Maths teacher is a war criminal or that a Physics teacher disproved God. Just to re-iterate, we aren't being disbanded. We're just moving. It's okay though, almost all the information found here is also on so go there. Edit to your hearts content. Once we have worked out all the kinks, we'll be... well... Deleting this wiki. I KNOW! IT WASN'T MY CHOICE! Anyways, have fun.

Thanks! ~Hugs

Hello Humans


Welcome to the ASMS Wiki! It is an unofficial source of information about the culture here at ASMS. It should be noted that ASMS Wiki has no affiliation with

the staff, owners or government of ASMS. While most students are permissive with adding photos to their wiki pages, it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to add photographs of the teachers at ASMS. This is not our decision, it is an enforcement of the unofficial nature of the wiki.

So we have some things to talk about... If it's your first time here, welcome, welcome! This Wiki is a culmination of all the secrets that the ASMSians have learnt over the years, about the ASMS its people and events that occur around it. You can try looking up your friends, or yourself. We have about 20 pages about current students. If you want to get into writing, you're welcome to do so, just be good. This is a place of satire, and while you may write what you wish, funny articles are the best articles. Just don't be mean.

If you're returning, WE GOT IT! The main page is no longer a warning. Thank the sun for that! Oh, uh, also Callum. What a swell guy. Here's a page with all the other pages on the wiki it's pretty swell.