Mason trying to look cool, but ends up looking like a hipster.

Mason Jackson (Always Lucky/D'god) is one of the most innocent and kind people in the school when others are around him, but as soon as he is alone with Michael Fotiou he tries to torment him with his terrible loss streak in hearthstone. Mason Labelled by Jack Somers is "A pay to win" this is because mason has spent over $500 on hearthstone and still cant get past rank 16, his terrible skill also goes into world of Warcraft, which he has spent over $1200 on it, Mason knows a fair bit about WoW lore but still cannot comprehend how Deathwing is superior to a leper gnome. In hearthstone he has some of the best cards, but loses to a beginner with a basic deck. Mason has recently managed to defeat Sam Xu six times in a row without a single loss. Others still see him as a novice while same admires him somewhat for his impeccable yet ridiculous theory crafting ideas and his amount of luck.

Mason, losing to Jack Somers 30 / 0. Jack is also a beginner


- Mason is a novice player in Hearthstone, this is ironic since he tries to be just like Sebastian Howell (Best at Hearthstone). With his almighty rng skills he somehow by a miracle beats many of his opponents.

-Mason is German, English and Irish

- Mason somehow wins unpredictably during a Hearthstone match which results in Chris Lucas' language resulting to "never lucky rubber ducky".\

- You will ask him to do work and he will say yes but will get nothing done.

- When getting Mason to do a voice-over for a video he will speak in his fake German accent that he puts on to seem cool, its a really strange accent with a mix of English and German which makes him sound like a retard.

- Mason wishes to become Cristano Ronaldo's when he is older and play in the English Premier League but fails to have any skills in the sport of soccer, he tries to improve his skills by buying the latest Nike (Just Do It) kicks that are apparently proven to make you better (which Mason is in need of) but just make him look like a wannabe soccer player with no great skills. He also cannot stop texting his grill at break in the middle of a football game and therefore is of no use to anyone else on the team that he gets thrown onto, unless by some chance of luck he manages to put his leg out at the right moment and score.

- Mason has recently starting attending the gym and getting into the gym lifestyle; more protein shakes then you can ever imagine and pictures of his huge biceps. He goes to the gym often and works hard to improve hit fitness and soccer skills. He has indeed been buffing up, whether this is due to steroids or actual exercise is still unknown. At school he drinks protein shakes and bring a new plastic bottle of water each day claimed to be from some magical waterfall in Fiji which costs him about $20 more then water would normally cost him (free).

- Overall Mason is a funny lad with some interesting attributes and habits that cause him to conduct some strange actions. Alleged reports show Michael Fotiou (Mario) has been verbally and physically abuses Mason leading to some of Masons strange behavior. Its basically just some quality banter though.