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Memelord is a status delegated to only the dankest of comedic artists. A status is not a title; you do not simply earn the status of Memelord. It is a high ranking, almost angelic status, and is not a destination to be acquired; you do earn Memelord status; it is a way of life. Memelords are known to think, feel and breathe internet culture. ASMS is a fortunate place, in that it appreciates a good quality meme, and does not rely on trashy Facebook memes. For a meme to flourish, it needs Memelords to plant the seeds, and have the memebers spread them 'round, and flourish in the community.

Urban dictionary describes a Memelord as follows:

1. An individual who shows a strong passion for memes ; a joker.  2. One who dictates or creates memes.  3. Someone obsessed with memes.  4. An alternate term for "shitlord".