The Year 12 Muck Up Day 2015 was a very important event in ASMS history. It is a yearly event during which the universe's creation is celebrated. In this very religious festival, we celebrate the work of Doug in creating Physics.

The year 12's enjoyed much celebration towards their total awesomeness and being complete veterans to both the ASMS and the unholy demons of SACE themselves. Much breakfast was eaten, and much mucking was done, perfectly representing the intentions of the Flying Spaghetti Monster when the magical race of the ASMSians was created.


The amazing upside-down furniture techniques causing awesome in LC 2.

Every piece of furniture was flipped           upside-down in LC 2 and tied together with security tape (nobody was entirely sure who bought the security tape, something that most archeologists still have no apparent idea about), the legendary pokemon Tyler Haynes was wrapped in a mummy costume of toilet paper, covered with security tape and then in sparkles and the photocopier room was filled with chairs. The ensuing chaos for teachers and noobs alike was tremendous, with most ASMSians generally accepting the veterans celebrations at finally defeating the SACE board.

Although remember, on this day the Australian Symposium of Magic and Sorcery lost some of it's greatest students, who will have their greatest historic moment thus recorded upon this very page. The only thing we have left of them now is the sticky goddamn sparkles that they left behind on many different tables (excluding those flipped upside-down).