This is a photo of Nathaniel

What he thinks he is. don't bother to tell him otherwise, he probably won't believe you.

Nathaniel Edwards is amazing a completely mundane human being (like a zigzagoon equivalent of awesomeness) with his only ability being able to remain a complete noob to every game in existence. It is said that he used to play hearthstone like other people, but quit to focus on "more important" things (this is probably a lie though, as his life is sad and he rage quits everything on the internet, even rage quitting internet explorer itself for chrome). His ego can fill every room in a building in under 4 seconds, although his awesomness is generally blotted out by this effect as he is a carrier of SIAD (Self Inflicted Awesomeness Deficiency). It is generally agreed on that he is masterful a scrub, experienced a noob and charming handsome fellow a bit of a twat, although he will disagree with this immediately, stating that he is in fact a rainbow llama.

2014 Semester 1:                                                                                                                                                Nathaniel arrived at the ASMS with the potential to become what could possibly be the greatest scientist of all time, being motivated organised and extremely efficient at work. It was surprising that he, being a lowly nooblian, was adopted by the amazing year 11's, learning the different arts of the ASMS from these teachers of lore. His amazing skills also allowed him to persuade the teachers into letting him attempt SACE maths with these mentors, often making them forget that he was actually a scrub and not one truly of their ranks.

2014 Semester 2:                                                                                                                                            After much practising with Nathan Pill, Nathaniel eventually learned how to argue (not without some prominent face-palming on Nathan's part) and it was a group effort to allow him to learn how to procrastinate. Oh yeah, in learning these skills he stopped being a perfect (or even good) student, but that totally never hurt anyone right?

2015 Semester 1:                                                                                                                                                He started as a year 11, passing the masterful arts of both arguing and procrastination onto the noobs who need them the most. Basically just making year 10's slack off.

2015 Semester 2:                                                                                                                                              Nearly didn't float all the way through year 11, just managing to scrape into year 12 without having to spend another year as a semi-noob. He now has one of the biggest egos in the entire school, in fact an entire crowd of 7 people still couldn't manage to tell him that he is in fact a scrub.