The Return to the Nexus is a community event hosted by Peeve Peeverson inwhich players who own a Playstation 3 grab Demon's Souls and start a new character. That's it. There are no prerequisits, no demands; play online if you can, but other than that it's just a lot of fun.

Demon's Souls was a cult classic among the valiant of heart back in '09, its crushing difficulty was a rediculous burden on its players, but those that stuck through it were given the most rewarding experience that Japan's development studio From Software had to offer. Now, 6 years later the servers are mostly dead, and while still up, are mostly a barren wastland... Except now. The 26th - 31st of October is the Return to the Nexus, a time where (we hope) that the cathedrals will be bustling, halls crawling with friends and foes for you to walk the world of Boletaria with. PLEASE, if you have a PS3, pick up Demon's Souls. It's a classic that chances are you missed. 

Luke Heritage will be attending.