The Nachington is one of the mythical creatures of the ASMS, rarely seen outside his natural habitat, The Nachington finds enjoyment in drinking coffee, eating corn chips and breaking the internet. A veteran of the school wiki community, Nachington was one of the founding members of the original site and stands as a legendary figure in much of the school community and is the only current ASMS Scientist. Holding great knowledge in the fields of physics and chemistry, Nachingtons greatest recorded achievement is the premiere edit of the school on Wikipedia[1] which earned him his ASMS Veteran status. This was followed by co-founding and running the ASMS wiki which, among other things, granted him eventual status as an ASMS Scientist, and even Lord of the school. He spends much of his free time in the kitchen, and this is where you will find him should trouble arise. Nachington, Lord Duke, We salute you.

The Myth of Nachington and the wiki

Since the beginning if the wiki, Nachington has been entoiled on everything that has gone on. This is a recount of the story.

The first recorded sighting of the Nachington is in the year of knowledge, when the Nachington was moving into it's new habitat in the ASMS. At the time he seemed like just another student, but no-one that this simple noob would rise to godhood and play a major role in shaping the school. Over the next year, the year of creation, Nachington cemented his place in the school community from where he would make his first move. As the year came to an end, many facebookers received an urgent anonymous message requesting them to visit the school wiki page, whereupon their sides were split with the very first incarnation of the ASMS wiki. Nachington was given a deserved honourary Veteran status for his work, but he wasn't finished. In honour of his work, some ASMSians recruited Nachington to a secret project and soon after the first full wiki emerged from the nether, providing the world with the first honest inside account of the school. This wiki stood as a staple of brightness over the school for many months. However, all the while the dark forces of internal corruption gathered, and the wiki was suddenly torn assunder, beginning the year of darkness. Bloody battles were fought over the ASMS wiki but all defences were knocked aside but the mighty school administration. Attempts were made to resurrect the wiki, and negotiations were entered into with the higher powers, but to no avail. All those loyal to Nachington eventually left the school and all hope seemed lost. The school fogot about the wiki and work resumed, with only some holding memory of the once great site. However, one day during his sullen depression, Nachington was contacted anonymously by a young student who had heard rumours of the great times times before the darkness. This young soul reignited the fire within Nachington and together they strode forth, recruiting new members and rebuilding the wiki. This was the beginning of the year of enlightenment. The Nachington now leads the wiki army against new challenges such as overcoming the vast pools of noobishness with the school and standing against the forces that destroyed the last wiki, but they will not give up easily in the hope that the wiki will one day be as grand as ages past.

Of course none all of this can be verified, so you should believe whatever you want. all of it.