The source of infinite beauty and love. Perfect in manifestation, form, and glory. The wellspring of power of its mysterious creator, said to be the best programmer for such a wonderous feat. Rumours abound of its ability to short circut the minds of some, though such a thing has yet to be demonstrated. Its placement directly on the wiki is strictly Forbidden ( at least as an autoplay without warning, number 13 in the List of Things Katie has Forbidden) by the most glorious leader, but in the future a link may be provided to allow all to revel in its mastery over space, time, and Science second only to the most mythical of figures. Click only if you dare, once the vagaries of html embedding of applets have been acomplished. Untill then, just hunt down and ask the mysterious creator for access. Or don't, chances are they may feel your need through deep Shape God based meditation and send it to you anyway, with or without petty things such as expressions of interest or deep hatreds of what is best for you. All Hail the high rendering speed requiring glory, and I mean all.