Tara "Kappa" Lamont aka Tarathepotato (Labled the odd stylist) is a Year 10 ASMSian in 2015, is literally

Pure evil

"I will Destroy Everything You Love" A loving quote, from Tara.

Kappa. No Kidding. Look at this face. You can see the oozing sarcasm. Tara was the leader of Kappa Klub during the first SemeTarathepotatoster of  2015, however in the unspeakable cataclysm the "Klub" was regrettably disbanded; even today, echos can be heard of the laughter and totes amazeballs projects that Kappa Klub created.

Tara has been known as a top notch memer, and a destroyer of worlds. She is a lover of nature, the Game Grumps and illegally acquired Disney Cartoons such as Gravity Falls.

It is assumed that her hair has unimaginable power. There are unconfirmed rumours that her hair was the sole cause of Tony Abbott's eviction from office and has met Barrack Obama who is allegedly a big fan.