Often abbreviated to "ASMS", the Sexy Modelling School encompasses all dapper, aesthetic and any-what gorgeous dress-ware that occurs during school hours. The ASMS is governed by a non-democratic dictatorship, with the leader or "Chieftain" bearing a fedora to mark his rule. The Current Chieftain of ASMS is Calvin Muenzinger. Dress code that passes for participation in the Sexy Modelling School is as follows:

Cosplay - The act of creating an outfit to be worn to mimic the characteristics of a fictional character - there were reports of a massive group cosplay of the primary characters of Gravity Falls, however the plans got brushed under the rug... Or so they say...

Dapperness - The characteristic of how smart one appears simply by looking at their dress choices. - If simply by assessment of appearance one may get the idea that you're about to buy the entire school, you're doing it right. Examples of dapper clothing choices include but are not limited to Suits, Blazers, Dresses, Trenchcoats, Bowler hats, Top hats and Manchettes. 

Swag - The more casual form of Dapperness, swag (noun) is the level of caring that one has about looking casually good. Keep in mind, it is the distance from zero that assesses swag levels; caring negative amounts also gives swag. Examples of high swag outfits include: The "Calvin Look", Stupid costumes (Chicken recommended), Pink Leotards, Oversized Jewelry and Fedoras.