The Great Glass Wall stands proudly at the back of the ASMS, watching over both The Void and The Courtyard. The wall provides ongoing illumination to the void and the kitchen with inbuilt defense shutter to protect against early morning solar attacks from the sun. The wall also has a magical disappearing trick where the bottom section of it spontaneously ceases to exist allowing for speedy and direct ambulation between the void and the courtyard. The major reason the wall ceases to exist is due to the weekly tribute of pancakes to ASMS students. Sadly, noobs also receive the tribute.

The goal

The goal is one that legends strive to achieve, but has only been done by a select few; most probably because no one knows about it. You must craft an aircraft of the thinnest of materials, located in the reject box of most printers, you may also find Tony Abbott in there, but he's best left alone. I'm talking about paper. With said aircraft, you must strike the Great Glass Wall, thrown from behind the lockers on the top floor. Here are the list of time wasting losers that have done it!

Samir Bell

James Harvey