The kitchen is by far the most important room of the ASMS as it has the means to cook food; it fuels the almighty players of Table Tennis, who are known as a rather scary people from the outside. It is often largely populated at the beginning of recess and lunch, it has a constant thoroughfare of students partially because the kitchen doors are the fastest route to the Decafe and library and partially because it contains a microwave and an instant boiling water tap. The Kitchen is a common meeting place of bros due to the abundance of tables, chairs and couches with lead to many good times. The Kitchen is governed by Ye Olde Rules of the Kitchen, a list of rules designed to increase liveability and awesomeness set out by Scottie Carter, Lord Duke of the Kitchen. Also, we need a god-damn clock in the god-damn kitchen. Also, pot plants for some reason. Are they alive? They're plastic... Right?