The proxy ( is the source of all hate at the ASMS. This is less due to its selections of blocked sites (it's significantly more lenient than the filtering systems of most schools) but rather due to its annoying habit of stripping the CSS, removing a seemingly random selection of images, stuffing up Javascript submissions if not sent in fast enough, and possibly more. From this, we can infer that Microsoft ForeFront Threat Management Gateway is a horrible POS POS... or, you know, the tech admin(s) are incompetent. But that's not really a possibility, right? Right?

The proxy has three four five states of existence:

  • completely unblocked (does what it says on the tin)
  • coached (gives a warning message plus the name of the category it's filed under, eg Gaming, before the page can be viewed (the message can be removed by reloading the page))
  • blocked (the same thing as coached except the message is red and can not be removed by reloading the page)
  • unclassified (unblocked/coached) This state of existence is unusual in that it appears to be a differently coloured coached screed, with the addition of a 'classify URL' button at the bottom. The effect of this button are unknown, as any attempts to press it are met with a HTTP 403 error, although it has been theorised that it does exactly what it says on the tin
  • screwed up, the effects of which can only be determined by the careful application of quantum field theory. (While it's technically not blocked, its ramifications can range from minor inconvenience to complete unusability). One notable example is that of the WolframAlpha website, which is unfortunate because it is extraordinarily useful (fortunately, the download as PDF feature works). Recently, this has been the most common state of existence.

For about 2 months in 2010 several technologically inclined ASMSians found a way around the proxy and torrented many thing over those two months. Rumour has it that one student downloaded 500 Gigabytes of files during this time period without being caught.

As of the 25th of February Facebook is not blocked but Twitter is. As a consequence, maths lessons have reached a new level of unproductivity and become funner. For a while the prefix "api." could be added to almost any Twitter URL to get it working; sadly, this no longer works.