The most notable part of the Australian Science and Mathematics School, is the table tennis tables. Table Tennis is life for some of the students at the ASMS, and if not out, some students become bored and frustrated. If not out after a week, the students that play the fantastic game are likely to start a riot. There have been many fantastic and thrilling games at the Australian Science and Mathematics School. Anyone (pretty much end up being the same group of people daily though) is allowed to play. The game is played just near the void.

There are different game styles at the ASMS, and laws that apply during a match of Table Tennis.

In Order from most common, to least common.

  1. First to Five Points.

The game is contested between two players who compete to get to five first. The rules is given below.

a. Two Players Min and Max

b. Two Practice Rounds

c. Play for serves (applies at the beginning of Recess, Lunch and if two players forfeit)

d. Win by two if score is continuously tied. (i.e. 4-4 A player must win 6-4 or 4-6) 2. Kings and Queens (Self-Explanatory) Rules are below

a. Two Players Min and Max

b. One Practice Round

c. Server is King and if the Queen loses, the player is out.

d. If King loses, he becomes Queen. (Therefore the Queen becomes King)

There are other games such as: Doubles, First to Three, First to Eleven (only applies if two are playing and one in the line), First to Twenty One :) (Only Applies if two players are only playing and no persons are in the line).

Notable Players (2015-Present)

  • Rishan Perera - Australian: Current Record Holder, for the most consecutive wins in a day, and overall in the first to five contest. (23 Wins in One Day, along with 36 Consecutive Wins, the 37th Game was lost to Harry Sharma). Table Tennis B/F Medal 2015
  •  Bastien Bernath - Switzerland/Australia: (Kings and Queens consecutive win holder, 18 wins, 19th Game Bastien lost to Rishan Perera, ending the record streak.) Kings Cross Medal Winner 2015
  • Sanyam Sehgal - Indian/Australian: Also known as the best Counter Defender or Rogue Smasher. Best Defensive Player Medal 2015
  • Aniket Dhabade - Indian/Australian: ASMS Rising Star Medal 2015
  • Jason Li - Chinese/Australian: Most Competitive Player, most dangerous player. He's got the mamba mentality, he is the killer. Norm Smith Medal of Table Tennis 2015 
  • Charlie Chadwick - Australian: Most Swaggiest Player. Swag Cap Award 2015