Void on a bad day

Similar to the void on a bad day.

Also known as the "Great Gaping Hole", The pit of emptiness towards the rear of the ASMS, it is often used for main events like assemblies, meetings and presentations. Upon first glance, the void appears to be a simple chair graveyard with an elevated platform for tackling people off of but upon further inspection you will find table tennis tables, chess boards, an invisible suit of armor, two projectors, the Great Glass Wall, the stairway to heaven and an entrance to the kitchen. The void is where the people toss all their rubbish. All manor of things can be found in its depths, many disgusting creatures and things are to be seen down this pit, including those who play amongst The Table Tennis Tables.
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IMG 0052

An average day with the rejected Stage Dwellers.

At the beginning of 2015, a group of misfits were tossed down into the void like trash, however instead of making a futile attempt to escape the Great Gaping Hole, they culminated onto the stage in a mash of disgusting flesh, officially forming the Stage Dwellers.