Trystan Perry

Trystan Perry is a Teacher who spends most of his time dicking around in Studio 4 with some filthy Game Design junkies. He is an avid player of MMOs, and a well renowned master troll.



Trystan arrived at the school fresh and full of new ideas. By the end of term 1 he turned into what we know him as today. The lazy, self indulgent, rude, sexist, racist, asshole with a god complex.


When the newbies arrived, Trystan was among the first to begin the time honoured tradition known only as Mental Scarring. It was at this point that Trystan realized that all he had to do was scrape passes to achieve his goals. So that's what he did. It worked didn't it? Also he managed to trick the teachers into thinking he was a good student, and as such, was permitted to go to Japan for a science conference.


Now in year 12, Trystan began to fully develop into his godly form. His piano powers were truly unlocked, and he managed to beat Dwarf Fortress (in the conventional sense. There is no "winning" at Dwarf Fortress.) Studying Aviation, Trystan made the mistake of promising his friends that he would fly them to conventions around Australia when he got his license.


So Trystan failed year 12. He then went to study IT at Thebarton Senior College while continuing to teach Game Design at the ASMS.


Trystan is continuing to teach at the school, but is still a lazy, sleepy asshole. He is often mistaken for a student, much to his delight.


Trystan continued to torment the students at asms with his game design "class" until he was finally defeated in the ultimate showdown of the century against Sebastian Howell and he left the school never to be seen again.

Or so we thought...


Besides his amazing wit, glorious hair, and amazing ego, Trystan has been gifted with several extraordinary powers.

  • Piano God.
  • Gaming God.
  • Ego God.
  • Inventor of the Egohm
  • The only person in ASMS history to actually succeed at Dwarf Fortress.
  • Is easily distracted.
  • Hey look! A cat!
  • Ooooo! Mass Effect!