Windows is a series of computer operating systems produced by Microsoft, and used by most ASMSians. The rest prefer the general dumbness and shininess of a Mac, or the hackiness of Linux.


 [hide*1 Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows XP is a beautiful Fisher Price-esque operating system that needs to die. While it wasn't too bad in the early 00's, it was an improvement on Window's early incarnations, its use today is considered unacceptable by most ASMSians. As an added bonus burden it comes with IE6 pre-installed so you don't even have to do anything to get the worlds most user friendly, secure and standards complaint browser hilariously bad rendering of standards compliant websites.

What's not to love hate?

There is at least 3D Space Cadet pinball, which is actually developed my Maxis (y'know, they made the Sims).

People who use XP:

Windows Vista

We do not speak of Vista. It never existed.

Windows 7

It's pretty decent, most people use it.

Windows 8

TABLETZ! Unfortunately the minimum vertical screen resolution for metro apps is 700px which just happens to be a tad above the vertical screen resolution for nearly everynetbook ever produced. There is a work around but it involves setting the resolution higher than that of the screens meaning that everything looks butt ugly.

For people using desktops it just breaks things.

Windows 10

Because Windows 9 just didn't sound right. Don't.